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We are experienced teachers from China and the US with various academic education and background. Altogether we have an average 5+ years of teaching experience in both countries. Most importantly we are enthusiastic about teaching Chinese driven by empowered missions. That is, we want to be a bridge builder, travel tour guide and cultural immersion helpers.  The fruitful achievement will belong to you and us, because we all will learn being respectful with each other, sharing the earth and enjoying the homony world together during the learning process.


Featured Teachers


Professor Xiao Shan Li is a graduate of Chinese University and major in Chinese literature and language teaching.  She has been teaching Chinese language for more than 30 years in China. She is a consultant of Chinese literature teaching in Hua Xiang School and responsible for training of teachers and preparing teaching materials.  Her specialty in teaching is writing in Chinese language.


Teacher Jie Liang is a certified Chinese language teacher in Maryland. After receiving Master of Education, she begins her career as a Chinese teacher to K-12 students. Jie has taught at heritage schools, public high schools, private Chinese immersion schools, and several STARTALK national student programs funded by the National Security Language Initiative. She has also participated in several program curriculum designs.  Jie’s teaching philosophy is to let children learn more effectively through a combination of fun and systematic instruction. She has also taught Chinese to college students in Germany for over two years.


Teacher Hua Mao had taught middle school and college students in China for 5 years.  After arriving in the US, she has been teaching Chinese culture and language for 10 years to adults and K-12 students.  She is very experienced in teaching SAT and AP Chinese classes and there were more than 40 students that have achieved SAT 780+ and AP 5 scores under her guidance.  She has chaired a teaching department in Hope Chinese School at Gaithersburg  (more than 600 students learning Chinese) for 4 years.  With on-hands teaching, editing textbooks as well as administrative leadership experience, she has become a real know-how professional in Chinese language and education.  The most important aspect is her high energy, enthusiasm and the love of teaching her students.


Teacher Xinchun Song is an experienced educator for preschoolers and youth.  She has worked with children for more than 10 years in public and private schools in the US.  She owns a certificate of Child Care Credential- Level 4 and a Letter of Recognition in Early Childhood Development in Maryland.  She has participated in many training courses, such as Chinese Language education and teaching online course. song


Teacher Max Deng has taught English grammar and writing to high school students in China for three years. He has been teaching Chinese in the US for 2 years. In Huaxiang school, Deng is an instructor of adult advanced Chinese course and also teaching 6thGrade students. Students love his teaching style because he is articulate while teaching, good at stimulating students’ interests and full of sense of humor. With a Ph. D. degree in science, Deng is a person with strong logic reasoning and critical thinking skills, which is another strong point of his teaching.





我们欢迎除马里兰州外其他州市的教师加盟我们。如果您有5 年以上的中美教学经验,热衷教中文。请与毛校长直接联系 wmo@huaxiangschool.org

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